Struggling to identify

I have been trying desperately to identify this beautiful and perfumed Oncidium type orchid.

The problem is, it isn’t coming easily. I find orchids similar but nothing the same.

She is similar to the Oncidium Sharry baby but not exactly the same, she has a cheeky bright orange eye set against her red petals not pink, yet her huge pseudobulbs and long flower spikes seem so similar.

She looks a little like the Heaven Scent ‘sweet baby’, but that lacks the orange eye.

Today I came across this…

And I wondered, “is this what she’s called?” I couldn’t find much information though. If this is right, she’s a cross between a cochlicidichilum incurviana and Oncidium sotoanum. I couldn’t find information about how big her pseudobulbs are, how big her flowers are but I couldn’t glean much. So, that’s the closest I’ve gotten….here’s a side by side, I think I might be going in the right direction

Thanks for visiting 😊😊😊


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