Semi hydro… first glance

So its still very early days but here’s a first impression on my new Semi hydro set-up.

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Thoughts on substrates

Well, as promised a post about substrates which I use. I made a video so I could be more descriptive but even this is just an introduction to the conversation. Hope this answers some of your questions Cathy 😊

The list is at the foot of the video in the description box.

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The inspiration for my collection

This video will introduce you to a very special orchid from my collection. She’s one of my first orchids and she’s also my first orchid love. She struggled this year with the mites but she made a full recovery and has managed to bloom regardless.

Sorry my posting has been erratic, we currently have internet access except via mobile phone data connection… highly inconvenient, here’s hoping they come to fix it tomorrow as promised.

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My latest blooms

This is slightly tangential to my normal posts but still somehow related 😊

I thought I’d share my latest blooms with you, they won’t wilt, fall or fade. I love them

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Struggling to identify

I have been trying desperately to identify this beautiful and perfumed Oncidium type orchid.

The problem is, it isn’t coming easily. I find orchids similar but nothing the same.

She is similar to the Oncidium Sharry baby but not exactly the same, she has a cheeky bright orange eye set against her red petals not pink, yet her huge pseudobulbs and long flower spikes seem so similar.

She looks a little like the Heaven Scent ‘sweet baby’, but that lacks the orange eye.

Today I came across this…

And I wondered, “is this what she’s called?” I couldn’t find much information though. If this is right, she’s a cross between a cochlicidichilum incurviana and Oncidium sotoanum. I couldn’t find information about how big her pseudobulbs are, how big her flowers are but I couldn’t glean much. So, that’s the closest I’ve gotten….here’s a side by side, I think I might be going in the right direction

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Black pearl

So I finally managed to get the fredclarkeara after dark black pearl. She’s not in bloom right now but I’m looking forward to when she will be.

I decided to dive into semi hydro. I’ve been curious about it but never been brave enough, I though I should just try bit, if it doesn’t work for me it’s fine, I’ll change things. No stress right 😊😊😊

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Losing an orchid

Anyone who has grown orchids for a while knows that inevitably you will occasionally lose an orchid.

Sadly I noticed my Irish treasure surprise had lost a leaf. Then another. When I noticed her pseudobulb was browning I separated her from my other orchids.

In this video I can finally see what’s going on and whether or not she’s salvagable.

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Repotting my masdavalia

This is one of the most bizarre looking flowers but I have to say I love how bushy she is with her strange spikes

But her flowers are fading and so I’ve repotted her and made a step by step video explaining a little about my pots and watering system.

So I hope it’s useful… happy potting! 🙂

And now for something completely different…

Hello my lovely readers, today I did something brave, something crazy… I stepped right out of my comfort zone and started a YouTube channel for my orchids. I’ll now be able to show you what I’m doing and explain things better. I hope this will be something useful for people to see how another orchid lover grow their collection.

So here it is, an introduction to my new channel