New orchids

We’ll, it’s been a while. I was so devastated about my orchid infestation that I couldn’t bare to post any pics of my chewed up flower spikes.

However… my plants are healthy and I finally decided it was safe to buy some new ones. Here they are…

Yes, this incredible cymbidium. It’s just breathtaking. Looks like a peloric variety, she is just amazing. 5 beautiful flower spikes, bursting with blooms.

More recently I found this lovely cymbidium “ice cascade”

And lastly, today, I found a little reduced beauty who just looked too sweet to pass by, her blooms are on the way out but that’s OK.

So I’m happy to have some beautiful blooms to look at and Happy my collection is looking healthier.


On the bright side

So while battling mites and dismaying over my collection I came across something that is out of place in the middle of winter.

Apparently my dendrobium nobile is flowing. This is surprising for two reasons…

1. My dendrobium is supposed to be in its winter rest

2. I was firmly convinced this was a white dendrobium

So, in the light of the loss of so many of my new flower spikes, this is a beautiful change.

Disaster … mites

Mites are munching on my orchids. I noticed before Christmas that something was going on but couldn’t see for sure. However it was 3 weeks ago that a close investigation revealed the truth as I watched some little monsters crawling on my babies.

So for the last couple of weeks I’ve been spraying insecticide and repotting my orchid in an attempt to get the infestation under control. As you can see from the picture I’ve lost flower spikes as a result. I couldn’t even bare to share all the pictures of all the spikes as it was too devastating.

Hopefully this insecticide will do it’s job and I’ll be able to save my collection.

Nemesis flowers

You may or may not remember my orchid nemesis… she’s a rescue Phal who I have owned for 2 years now. So did absolutely nothing for the longest time. A couple of months ago she started growing some roots and then a couple of weeks ago, lo and behold…. a spike… yes… a real live actual flower spike!

OK so I’m not expecting some sort of rare beauty, there’s a High chance that her flowers will be unremarkable but nonetheless they are long awaited and I’m excited to see them.

Here it comes…

Yes… my Ludisia discolor is about to bloom. Her first flower has opened It’s so pretty and I’m astounded at how long her spikes grew. I may move her to my dining table while she blooms so as to appreciate her more. As I understand the blooms are short lived so I want to enjoy them.

My sweet Nelly

I realise I’ve devoted more than a fair share of posts on my lovely Nelly but can you blame me?

Just look at her blooms

She developed this huge spike with so many flowers

And then she developed two more

This is the third time blooming this year and she has 4 spikes. She’s magnificent

And her perfume fills the corner of my living room. Delightful.

Oncidium twinkle

Clare (from my orchid diary) asked me recently to talk about how I care for my Oncidium twinkle and if I could make a post about it.

As you can see she’s still in bloom and seems to be very happy (she’s forgiven me for some poor watering habits of late) I am adjusting to my new phone camera, I feel like it may not be as clear as the last.

I can’t say I do all that much differently for her but here we go. She seems to like a lot of light so in the summer she sits in a well lit spot (not direct sun) and now she sits in a shelf with two strips of light near her, above and to the side.

I know she hates drying out so I try not to let that happen. She’s not in the large bark and seramis mix, instead she is in the finer granulated seramis alone. This is more moisture heavy than the mixture (maybe like sphagnum moss but without the deterioration).

And then in the summer I fertilise every two weeks with a big standard orchid fertiliser.

As you know, her spikes took something like 4-5 months to develop but then she produced 4 spikes so I can’t complain. And they are perfumed blooms, gorgeous tiny blooms which smell like cake, in no way overpowering, just a delicate sweet smell.

You may have noticed that she has some brown leaves, this isn’t the first time this has happened. The last time I snipped the brown leaves and she recovered.

I wonder if it follows periods of stress (prolonged dry spells when I have not watered her sufficiently) orchids are slow to react at times. But she seems healthy, despite the brown/ yellow leaves. I’m not sure.

Also, the recent disaster with my Howard’s dream has made me wonder about spider mites. I don’t object to using chemical miticides for my orchids so I may do so in the not too distant future. Does anyone have a recommendation regarding a miticide?

Clare, I hope this was somewhat enlightening, even if just to show that may care is similar to yours. For everyone else, if you haven’t checked out Clare’s page, you should definitely do so here.

Have a good weekend people.

Phone disaster

Many apologies for the unexpected absence…. I inadvertently dropped my telephone into a bucket of salt water… long story short my new phone arrived today.

I’ll be posting about my lovely oncidium twinkle tomorrow, she’s still in bloom!

The good news is…

It’s a twinkle miracle… Finally she blooms

And she’s delightful. It looks like the ludisia won’t wait as long to bloom, he spikes advance rapidly.

Also, Nelly is at it again, this is spike 3 for this year and she’s preparing spike 4 now. I love her, she’s prolific. 

That’s not all that’s happening, I’ll update the phals tomorrow. I suppose it’s a good sign that my lighting is sufficient for my orchids. 


While watering my orchids I noticed an odd colour to the leaves of my Howard’s dream Orchid. They look almost rusty but there doesn’t seem to be thinning of the leaves like I would expect with a mite infestation. 

It’s on the pseudobulbs too and the worse affected leaves I removed completely. 

I’m so upset, I adore this orchid, I hope she pulls through.

There was no apparent disease on the new growth and the previous pseudobulb looked clear too so I’ve divided them off the rest of the plant and put the entire thing in quarantine. I’ve checked the rest of the orchids which were next to her and they seem ok but that’s a bit of a waiting game, hopefully it will be all clear for the rest of my girls.